Close Family

family photographyLara SavageComment

Last year i spent a week photographing the children at my our daycare centre as a fundraiser. It was such an amazing experience to spend time with all the children and see such different personalities traits in all of them. Some were very aware of me and my camera and kept their distance while others bear tackled me and begged for me to take more photos with every different expression.

Lila was one of the ones that steered clear but seemed inquisitive from a distance, i couldn't get her to smile though (which i assure you is a rare occurrence) so i was a little worried when her mum Mel contacted me for a session. However In the comfort of family and the ocean all kids were all smiles and we had a great morning at Merewether. Mel was also halfway through her pregnancy with Baby #4. What an amazing brave lady! (i may be a little envious ;)

Lara x