Newborn Photography - Roman

Amanda McDonaldComment

Our first newborn to arrive for 2015 is handsome little Roman. He was a little star. So relaxed and did not make a peep the whole time.  I can't thank Kate and Aaron enough for asking me to come and photograph their gorgeous new addition.

I was welcomed at the door by the very excitable Lola (the sausage dog) and Roman's adoring big sister Aria. I think they both nearly stole the show from their little Bro. Although Lola wouldn't sit still I finally got a photo and I am absolutely in love with it! The best part about getting to visit our clients houses for newborn sessions is being able to have the whole family (including four legged friends) involved. And although Kate and Aaron were reluctant to have themselves included in the photos, after some persuading they agreed and it was totally worth it (I think) to have this memory that they can keep forever.

It's funny, so many people don't like to see themselves in photos (me included!) but the amount of times we have people thank us for insisting that they be in even just one or two photos is amazing. It's nice to be able to look back and see yourself included in the memory.

Enjoy! Jane x