Newborn Photography - Evelyn Rose

newborn photographyLara SavageComment

Baby Evelyn Rose,

So far my most stubborn newborn but still one of my favorites. After 4 hours of trying to get her into a deep sleep i was defeated, every moment that we though we were just about there her little eyes popped open. This didn’t bother me too much though as my favorite newborn sessions involve the environment around them and watching them interact with the ones that love them most. Those first few weeks with a newborn are the most intense surreal moments that seem to whiz past in the blink of an eye especially for the mother,  that's why i will forever continue to encourage parents to take part in these newborn sessions as they are so special to look back on. Bec definitely took this new mothering thing in her stride, answering the door to me while breastfeeding, wearing jeans and a gorgeous top, i was in awe. Pretty sure it took me two weeks to walk more than 10m, i screamed in pain every time i breastfed and wasn’t out of trackies for at least a month.  

Editing this session was bliss and i have a smile on my face the whole time, Evelyn with her mop of dark hair and her tiny mouth are so beautiful-  i now know that she is also blessed with her mothers determination.

Enjoy the photos.

Lara x