Family Photography - Finn, Illaria & Eli

Lara Savage1 Comment

As you may of seen on our we are now working full-time for designlane. There are plenty of reasons why this is SOOOO exciting but the biggest is MORE TIME. More time with my family and more time to share with you some of our latest work.

A few weeks ago I Photographed the beautiful Bec and her three beauties (Finn, Illaria & Eli) as a surprise for her partner James’ Birthday. It was a beautiful day and we headed out just as the sun was about to set to hang out by the creek. The kids had a blast, especially watching me get stuck in the mud numerous times which wasn’t so much fun but all part of the job. I also managed to get a beautiful picture of the three of them all smiling at once which most parents will tell me is almost impossible! Though for some odd reason kids will listen to the crazy lady mud drenched lady with the camera more than they will listen to their parents when asked to smile.

Enjoy the photos.

Lara x