Newborn Photography - Baby Ivy

newborn photographyLara SavageComment

Dave and Paula are wonderful friends and already wonderful parents who always manage so see the lighter side of life and have a good laugh at every opportunity. It was because of this that i was pretty excited to do baby Ivy's photos. Dad Dave didn't let me down and had me laughing for most of the session.

I love seeing brand new parents in those first few weeks, it brings all the feelings flooding right back. the feeling of being so overwhelmed and not exactly sure what to do with each new situation that each new day brings, so overwhelmed that all you can do is laugh or sometimes cry. I got to see mostly laughter on this occasion when little Ivy was undressed and decided to surprise us all with a number 2 whilst in the arms of Paula and her freshly changed white bed linen, not much else that could be done. And then watching dave so confidently and calmly take hold of the situation an put her back in a nappy. Those first few weeks are really special even if they do go by in a blur at the time. I feel blessed to be able to capture these special moments.

Considering Baby Ivy Is 4 months old this post is well overdue. Enjoy.

Lara x