Family Photography Shoot

Amanda McDonaldComment

And the photographer becomes the model...

Stepping in front of the camera and letting go of all creative control doesn't come easy for designlane photographer Lara Savage but she handled it like a pro. I'm so so happy that I could do this shoot for Lara. Being the photographer of the family always comes at a price with photo after photo of the rest of your family... but not one with you in it!

I actually felt a little nervous doing this family portrait shoot as it was a little weird for me being in 'work mode' bossing around Lara, Mark, April and Lola. But luckily they were very well behaved for me, although I think we've established that early morning is probably not when you get to see April and Lola at their best ;) Once they warmed up, and got stuck into collecting flowers, they gave me the opportunity to capture the best of their gorgeous little personalities that I love and know so well.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Lara and her family a little better. Jane xx