Amy & Pete tie the knot

wedding photographyLara SavageComment

So we have given our site a bit of a make over and decided to finally launch this blog. What better way to celebrate than a post about Amy and Pete's Big Day...


On September 14th we had the honour of photographing the wedding of Amy and Pete. The day was AMAZING!

Capturing the obvious love that Amy and Pete have for each other was made so easy. They only needed to look at each other for their eyes to light up. We felt so privileged to be given a glimpse into the many, many beautiful relationships and friendships that Amy and Pete share. What can we say, there was a lot of love in the room! A special note needs to be made on how unbelievable the venue looked. The hours that went into the planning absolutely paid off. The attention to detail was incredible.

It’s days like this you remember why you love your job and to be honest it really didn't feel like work!

Enjoy the journey. Lara and Jane x